Branding & Settings

Feature Benefits
Clean and simple user interface
Add your brand logo
Admin Dashboard
Choose what you display to members
Create Plans

Your dashboard is your 'go to' screen to get a quick real-time snapshot of your membership. Six charts come 'out of the box' to give instant visibility of member numbers, engagement in smart groups and forums, upcoming events and tasks. From your dashboard you can also download a number of reports, such as members due to expire, event attendees, task to-do list, user without a subscription and much more.

When you set up your account you can decide which features to switch on for your members. You have a choice of ten configurable options that control the privacy and display of member companies and members, forums, news, messages, events, documents, groups and announcements

With Memba CRM you can create any number of custom membership plans. You give a plan a name, set a duration for how long the plan lasts and the payment frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually or lifetime). If you've enabled company memberships, then you can opt to have the company pay the subcriptions for all its individual members. Once you have at least one plan, you can then add subscribers to your plan.

and so much more...

All themes are packed with features

Simple Contact Form

A simple contact form with up to capture the customer's name, contact details and message. Contact form data is emailed to your nominated admin and stored as a back up.

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Up to 100 pages

All Gold themes have a menu system that can be configured to link to up to 100 unique pages of content. Silver themes support up to 30 pages. Bronze, up to 12.

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Smooth Animations

Smooth animations on page elements, give a polished appearance to your website

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Ticker Tape

A soft scrolling ticker tape that can be placed onto any page and can feature client or sponsor logos.

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Mailchimp integration

Mailchimp is the go-to email marketing platform for many UK businesses and Memba Gold themes provide integration out of the box.

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Up to 12 pages

All Membership Starter themes comes with three different page styles and a menu system that is configured to link to up to 12 unique pages of content.

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Hero Carousel

The theme has an eye-catching hero image carousel in the top part of the website. This can be changed to include your own images.

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Google Maps

Every theme includes the option to embed a Google map to help members locate your organisation

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Full Editing Controls

Provide up to 3 web administrators with the control to easily change content and images. All done through your web browser and no special software to install or skills to learn.

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Stripe Payments Integration

Charge your members online for your membership services. Your website integrates with Stripe payments processing out of the box.

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Cookie Consent Banner

Stay on the right side of GDPR legislation with this fully compliant cookie consent banner that can be enabled on your site.

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Member Logins

Your members can log straight into your membership portal, where they can see and use all the features of Memba CRM.

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SSL Certificate

All our themes come with a secure SSL certificate to provide the reassurance that your site is suitably secure and that data is encrypted.

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Premium Stock Images

Gold themes come with a choice of 12 premium stock images, silver themes have 8 and bronze themes come with a choice of 4.

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Video Embed

Embed your YouTube or Vimeo clips directly into the page. This template comes with the capability for you to easily add video content to your membership marketing website.

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Chat Bot

Easily add a chat box widget to your home page and talk directly to members and prospective members at the point of purchase.

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Mobile friendly

All themes are fully responsive out of the box, which means they will look beautiful on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Google Analytics

All our themes come with the option to add Google Analytics code to help you better understand how your membership site is performing and how your audience is engaging with you.

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Up to 30 pages

All Membership Business themes comes with four different page styles and a menu system that is configured to link to up to 30 unique pages of content.

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Your own branding

Each theme will be modified by us to incorporate your brand colours, logos and font choices. Images can be supplied by you or selected from our bank of royalty free premium images.

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Smart Search

Provide your users with a customised search experience. Smart search helps users find the content they need, quickly. Perfect for an Enterprise level Membership website.

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Custom Contact Form

A custom contact form with up to twelve fields, to capture all the information you need. Contact form data is emailed to your nominated admin and stored as a back up.

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Image gallery

Include a responsive image gallery with your website to improve audience engagement

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News/blog section

All themes come with blogging built in. You can create blog categories, lists and articles and share these to your social channels.

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Social media links

Link your website to your social media channels. All Memba themes come with social media icons that can be easily linked to your social media pages.

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