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How to create a subscription based website for a sports club with Memba
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Memba's all-in-one membership software is perfectly suited to sports clubs and groups. Manage online subscriptions, post events and engage club members in a private forum.
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A website and member portal all-in-one. Getting started is easy. Memba's features are ideal for a sports club or local group. You can set up your members, publish news, notifications and events and even have a members' forum. What's more, you can take online payments for subscriptions or events and publish content that only your logged-in members can read. It's a centralised platform, that's quick to set up, easy to use and cost-effective to run.

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Configure your members' portal

Add your users

Control what members can see

Take online payments & automate renewals

Automate subscriptions and renewals with online payments. Set up custom membership plans and decide the cost and frequency of billing. You can also easily take payments for paid events that you choose to run.

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Set up online payments

Create your membership plans

Login to your Stripe dashboard

Manage all subscriptions

Create, promote & manage events

Event management and communications are an important aspect of any sports club. Create and promote your event in a few mouse clicks and send automated emails to members. Members can accept event invitations and manage their bookings. Administrators can view or download dynamic reports and analyse attendee numbers. Post event, you can easily confirm attendance.

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Create an event

Promote your event

Add a members' forum

View dynamic reports

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Memba isn’t just about subscription software. It’s about helping you onboard, sharing our ideas and insights and doing everything we can to make your organisation a success.

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