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“Let’s build the best membership management software on the market.”
Business Planning
Each time we started a new project it was like we were ‘re-inventing the wheel’ - being asked to solve the same old problems, hearing the same issues and challenges, over and over. And this led us to thinking, perhaps there is a better way...
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The best ideas are sometimes the simplest

Haven’t we been here before?

Our experience uncovered many common problems that these different organisations were trying to solve. Such as ways to make member management easier, reduce attrition, share private content, engage members in debate, events, shared learning and much more.

We’ve something valuable to share

Memba is the result of more than twenty years planning and designing membership website applications for clients as diverse as local business groups, family history societies, trade associations and national charities.

What if we told you it could be done in days not months?

After pouring over numerous project briefs, spanning two decades, we compiled a list of features that all membership websites need. For example, a member portal, directories, event management, task management, online payment of subscription, automated renewal notices, gated content, integration with third party tools and software. And more.

Breaking down the barriers

Memba is the culmination of all our membership management software experience. It’s designed and built around real-world membership challenges and we invite you now, to take a closer look. Try a free, 60 day trial and see what it can do to transform your business.

We can help write your story

The Memba team isn’t just about subscription software. It’s about helping you get onboard, sharing our ideas and insights and doing everything we can to make your business a success.

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