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Business networks can manage their website and members with a powerful all-in-one membership software solution.
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For business networks, Memba provides the perfect solution to promote your services and manage your members.
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An integrated website and membership portal for more than 1000 members.

Do you need to migrate an existing website and offline database into a secure, online service? Choose Memba. It's easy to streamline your entire operation and make huge time savings by taking this step. One of the key features that Memba offers is the ability to add custom fields to member profiles. You can also switch off the features you don't want to use or turn them on later, for example the member forum and directory.

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Add custom fields

Create bespoke plans

Batch upload members

Control what your members see

Document management & reporting

Different membership organisations have different requirements but Memba's flexibility means you can use the features which work for you, at no extra cost. Need to share documents with your members? Upload and share documents easily as well as report on member subscriptions and renewals. With Memba, features work seamlessly together.

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Add your documents

Set permissions and categories

Add private notes

View dynamuic charts & reports

Create, promote and manage your events

Create and manage large events like an annual conference as easily asregular online meetings and then choose who to promote the event to and when. You can also create special interest groups (smart groups), adding members into specific segments and sharing specific messages around a shared interest.

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Add online or offline events

Members can book online

Control who sees what

Report of event attendees

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Memba isn’t just about subscription software. It’s about helping you onboard, sharing our ideas and insights and doing everything we can to make your organisation a success.

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