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Memba is the perfect, out-of-the-box solution for charities and the third sector.
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Memba has all the features to power up your charity. A cost-effective solution that is ready to roll and can be configured in hours rather than months.
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If you run a small charity that has subscribing Members then Memba could be a game-changer for you. Getting started and onboarding your members is a breeze. The batch uploader, combined with the option to add custom fields, means you can migrate thousands of records very quickly. Once your members are in place, you can start to configure Memba to meet your precise needs, such as setting options for what your members can see and do as well as setting up payment plans and donations.

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Flexible configuration options

Streamline your processes

As a charity you want to streamline process to save cost at every opportunity. With Memba you can take regular online subscriptions or donations. To keep your members engaged and up to speed, you can create and promote events, make announcements, share news and even run a private members' forum. You can also upload documents to share with your members or just with your own team.

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Create custom plans

Integrate with Stripe payments

Manage subscriptions & donations

Create and promote events

Enable a members' forum

Automated reporting

Without accurate, up-to-date reports, it's impossible to see the progress or status of your charity. How are memberships performing? Who has stopped donating and why? Which events and topics of discussion are important to your members? Memba CRM provides out-of-the-box dynamic charts and reports which can easily be exported. Don't see the reports you need? Just get in touch to find out about bespoke reporting.

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Dynamic dashboard & charts

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Stripe integration

Manage donations & subscriptions

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Memba isn’t just about subscription software. It’s about helping you onboard, sharing our ideas and insights and doing everything we can to make your organisation a success.

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