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Create a subscription based website for your genealogy society with Memba.
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Create a versatile family history website packed with features like community updates, events, and blogs to enhance member engagement. It’s easy to configure your new website without the expense and complication of a custom solution.
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Onboarding with Memba

Getting started with Memba is simple. The onboarding process takes a few hours and you're up and running. Import all of your existing members easily with bulk upload, set up their membership plans and enable online payments on your new website. Add your own branding and configure the settings and options. Publish your events, allow notifications and switch on a members' forum. All you need to do now is welcome your memebers to their new and improved website.

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Member benefits

Members need to see the value of their membership with exciting events, learning and knowledge sharing, participation in forums and data searches. The Memba CRM portal provides a central place where members can login and gain access to your organisation's a private and secure members' area, the ideal place to share all the benfits they gain from membership.

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Admin control and management

You'll find day-to-day management of your memberships and your new website is streamlined and far faster with Memba. Processes become more efficient with an integrated CRM. For example, administrators can view and download dynamic reports on membership subscriptions, check expiry dates, log member notes and create and promote events from one simple dashboard.

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Memba isn’t just about subscription software. It’s about helping you onboard, sharing our ideas and insights and doing everything we can to make your organisation a success.

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