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Easily create a simple community group website with Memba.
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Community groups come together more easily with Memba. Remove the burden of administrating your group with time-saving tools and features that delight.
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Create your community group website easily, quickly and cheaply.

Your community group website and portal can be up and running in minutes. It's quick to sign up and if your running a free community group, there's no need to enable online payments.

Easily add your group's members and share notifications, event information and more. It's perfect for when you've outgrown Facebook and what to take control of your your own data and membership.

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Assign your administrators

Configure to your precise needs

Upload your group members

Set up events and a forum

Memba's built-in tools mean it's super simple to add events and promote them instantly to your members. You can also add a forum to get everyone in the community engaged, online.

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Member Directory

Create a new event

Promote your event

RSVP online

Create a dynamic forum

Messages, notifications and reports

With a combined website and CRM, everything you need to manage and manage your group is at your fingertips. You can add private notes to your members, send messages to your fellow admins and trigger automated notifications to keep everyone informed. What's more, you have complete control over your dashboard, which provides a dynamic snapshot of the activity in your group.

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Dashboard with dynamic reports

Built in messaging system

Alerts & Notifications

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Memba isn’t just about subscription software. It’s about helping you onboard, sharing our ideas and insights and doing everything we can to make your organisation a success.

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