The Membership Portal  for Marketing Managers

As the Marketing Manager for your organisation, we understand the tools you need to do your job efficiently. Memb@ CRM has been designed with your needs front of mind. Reporting, Analytics, Mobile Friendly and packed with features to keep your members engaged.

Marketing Features

Promotional Banner

Publish an announcement that displays as a highlighted banner at the top of your member's screen. Customise the message for different member types or smart group members.

Publishing News

Create and publish news articles and blogs that appear on your member's dashboard. When setting up the news article, the administrator can choose where to display the article. For example, you can restrict the article to members of a specific smart groups or members from a specific organisation.

Mailchimp Integration

Memba allows you to integrates with MailChimp, which makes syncing your members with your mailing list a cinch! For more information on integrations and mailings, following the link below to our online user manual.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the de-facto tool for monitoring activity on your website. We provide the option for you to add your Google Tag to your public-facing Memba website so that you can track activity and report on user demographics and behaviour.

Push Notifications

Built-in notifications keep you and your members informed of marketing activity.

An all-in-one website and membership portal solution that can cost less than £1 per member a year.

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