The Membership Portal for Event Managers

As the Event Manager for your organisation, we understand the tools you need to promote and run your event efficiently. Memb@ CRM has been designed with easy-to-use event creation and management tools.

Event Features

Target Members

Send targeted email event invitations to specific members, companies or members of smart groups. View dynamic data on the number of confirmed or declined invitations on your administrator dashboard. For more information, visit our online user manual.

CPD Points

Events can be given CPD points for attendance. The CPD total for events attended can then be shown in a member's profile.

Zoom or Teams

When setting up an event, the administrator can choose whether to add a physical location for the event or add a link to a scheduled online Zoom or Teams meeting.

Create Events

Create online or in-person events and set a date, time and location. Include a photo, description and send invites to all members or members of a specific organisation or smart group. For more information about event creation, management and reporting, use the link below to our online user manual.

An all-in-one website and membership portal solution that can cost less than £1 per member a year.

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