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Memba provides all the features you need to successfully manage and engage with your members. It's simple to create events and to provide the relevant content and features to help you engage your membership.

CRM Features

Business Group CRM Features

Everything you need to successfully manage your members is built right into Memba and is ready to go. The Memba CRM makes managing your member organisation simple and easy. It's a UK-focused solution, so you'll have peace of mind with security, GDPR compliance and locally-based support.

You can choose to integrate the Memba CRM with your existing website, or for a complete end-to-end Memba solution, check out website templates for Business Groups which work seamlessly with the Memba CRM. Arrange a Free, no-obligation demo or start a Free 60 day trial today.

Create Events

Create online or in-person events and set a date, time and location. Include a photo, description and send invites to all members or members of a specific organisation or smart group. For more information about event creation, management and reporting, use the link below to our online user manual.

Document management

Administrators can upload files for their members to view and download. Various file types are supported, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

Donor Management

Track supporter interactions from one place – donor notes, donation history, event attendance, smart group interests and much more. Download donation reports and send automated messages to your supporters.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the de-facto tool for monitoring activity on your website. We provide the option for you to add your Google Tag to your public-facing Memba website so that you can track activity and report on user demographics and behaviour.

Mailchimp Integration

Memba allows you to integrates with MailChimp, which makes syncing your members with your mailing list a cinch! For more information on integrations and mailings, following the link below to our online user manual.

Member Note

Admin users can create member notes which are stored against the member record. These notes are private and cannot be seen by the member.

Member Notes

Administrators can log notes against any member or company record and share these notes with other administrators. The notes are private and cannot be seen by any members.

Member Preferences

In order to provide members with a personalised experience, you can tag members with dietary preferences and assign them to specific Smart Groups, so that they see tailored content, such as news, forum discussions or receive invites to specific events.

Member Reports

Memba CRM has 17 built-in reports of which nine can be displayed as charts on the administrator dashboard. The charts give you a dynamic snapshot of membership activity and cover all key aspects of member management, such as member acquisition, expiries and renewals, events, forum engagement, news, documents and more. An admin user can also request a custom report (additional paid service). For more information on reports, follow the link below to our online user manual.

Member Surveys

Our easy to use survey tool allows you to quickly create and publish a members' survey and view the results in your reports dashboard.


If enabled in admin settings, members can message other members within the safety and security of the application. Admins can send messages to individual members or an entire company or members of a smart group.

Promotional Banner

Publish an announcement that displays as a highlighted banner at the top of your member's screen. Customise the message for different member types or smart group members.

Publishing News

Create and publish news articles and blogs that appear on your member's dashboard. When setting up the news article, the administrator can choose where to display the article. For example, you can restrict the article to members of a specific smart groups or members from a specific organisation.

Push Notifications

Built-in notifications keep you and your members informed of marketing activity.


The admin settings area of the application is where you can configure Memba to best fit the needs of your organisation. For example, you can choose which features to enable for members and which notifications they should receive.

Smart Groups

Memba gives you the ability to create Smart Groups. These are ways to add members from different organisations into groups that share common interests. Use Smart Groups to send targeted messages. For more information on Smart Groups follow the link below to our online user manual.

Task Management

Keep all member management tasks within the CRM and have these display on your dashboard. Tasks can be assigned by you to another admin and you can set a due date for each task. Tasks can also be viewed on the Task Calendar, so at a glance you can see what needs to be done each day.

Zoom or Teams

When setting up an event, the administrator can choose whether to add a physical location for the event or add a link to a scheduled online Zoom or Teams meeting.

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